cnc router engraving cutting 900*1500*150mm

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name JCUT
Model Number 90150B

Detailed Product Description

cnc router 900*1500*150mm
square (linear) guideway, ball screw driving mode
3KW air-cooling spindle, DSP controlling


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cnc router 900*1500*150mm JCUT-90150B


1) Machine body: whole cast iron

2) Guideway: linear(square) guideway

3) Driving mode: ball screw

4) Work dimensions: 900mm x 1500mm x 150mm

5) Body dimensions: 1400mm x 2000mm x 1500mm

6) Z-axis working area: 150mm

7) Max. Feeding height: 150mm

8) Cut thickness of material: ≤40mm

9) Max. Speed: 6,000mm/min

10) Working speed: 0 - 4,000mm/min

11) Mechanical precision: 0.01mm

12) Software: type 3 software, Artcut software, Artcam software

13) Max. Power consumption: 1.8kW

14) Power source: AC220/50Hz (or 110v/60HZ)

15) Driver type: stepper motor

16) Memory: without or (DSP)

17) Spindle: 3KW air-cooling/ water-cooling

18) Spindle speed: 0 - 24000rpm

19) Blade diameter: 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm ( or 8mm,10mm,12mm, 12.7mm )

20) Control system: DSP (USB interface)

21) Command: G code, u00, mmg, plt

22) Running circumstance temperature: 0 - 45 ° C

23) Relative humidity: 30% - 75%

24) Pack dimensions: 1700 x 2300 x 1600mm

25) Net weight: 800kg

26) Gross weight: 900kg


Can be used on advertisement engraving, advertisement cutting, stone processing cutting, Cu and Al molding cutting, mold manufacturing cutting, wood processing cutting, wood door manufacturing cutting, craft manufacturing cutting, light box cutting, building mold cutting, indoor decoration cutting, wave board processing cutting, light equipment mold processing cutting, sign and mark manufacturing cutting, Acryl board processing cutting, stamp cutting.


Key point:

Please kindly tell us your engraving or cutting materials, and materials’ size.

Then we can quickly check and recommend to you the right machine with right working area.


We send below parts for free:

Software in CD, Controlling Card (PCI card), Water Tank, Water Pump, Engraving Tools, Data Wire, Power Line, Brush, Spanner and Clamp.


The optional accessories:

1. Rotary axis

----For engraving on cylindrical shape materials. Please kindly tell us your cylindrical shape materials’ length and diameter. Then we can add right rotary axis to the machine.

2. Water cycling system (water sink on the working table)

----For engraving on stone or metal materials. It is used to down the spindle’s high temperature.

3. Vacuum table (contain vacuum pump and vacuum pipes)

----For fixing the materials on the working table, especially for bigger working table.

After added vacuum table, the voltage will need to be 3 phase/380V.

4. Dust collector (contain dust collector pump and dust collector pipes)

----For sucking away the dusts, such as wood dusks and so on.

5. DSP controlling system (off-computer controlling)

----USB interface, 128MB flash memory



We can send this machine to your port or door address by sea or by air. Do as you need.

If sending to your port, please tell us your port.

If sending to your door address, please tell us your address, and better with post code.



One year for machine

We supply online service 24 hours a day MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Gmail and so on.

You can also contact us by email, and we will reply in 24 hours, or by phone if urgently.

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