Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number T-KEY
State Password Administration can be customized
most easy-to-use encryption products security and usability;
high-technical algorithm High-Speed 480Mbit/s.
providing email backup high confidential units

Detailed Product Description

T-KEY is the most popular, the safest and most easy-to-use encryption products.
1.T-KEY specificly make use security tech.

Nowadays, T-KEY is the most popular, the safest and most easy-to-use encryption products.

  • T-KEY specificly make use security technology and super encryption system of military, bank etc, which are all high confidential units . It can be used for encryption partition on your computer, encrypting all the information and data in your computer hard disk, mobile hard disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, TF card, etc. Pls notice , it is super encryption system for you , not just common encryption U disk as before, which are different essencely.
  • The core of T-KEY is the encryption chip authenticated by the State Password Administration Committee; each T-KEY has the only global ID serial number in the chip, and only one’s own T-KEY can open the built encryption division on his computer; moreover, Once you pull out your T-KEY, your encryption partition will disappear automatically, then no one can find them again;
  • Through the combination of software and hardware, your data are encrypted with AES, SME, etc, so many kinds of high-technical algorithm. In this way, the users operate it just like operating a disk partition, so we can say T-KEY is the perfect combination of security and usability;
  • Even if T-KEY had been formatted, your encrypted information would never lose, ; it can still be used as a KEY to open your encrypted information.
  • On the T-KEY, your software LOGO, contact information can be customized, which is one of the best advertising methods;
  • If you choose to stop using encryption system, it can still be used as a common U disk.;
  • USB2.0 ;High-Speed 480Mbit/s.
  • Our company guarantees providing email backup, in case that you lose of the key and we can deal with it immediately;
  • T-KEY.jpgT-KEY.jpgT-KEY.jpgT-KEY.jpgT-KEY.jpgT-KEY supports Windows 2000, XP, SP2 , Vista, Windows 7, etc, so many operating system (32 bit / 64 bit) (FAT16/32, NTFS);

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