Portable Display Stands

Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name DISPLAYe
Model Number D33

Detailed Product Description

DIY Portable Display Stands:
Lightweight self-build
Quick,easy to work
Immensely versatile
Easy to store transport

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 DIY portable display stands is simple system based around a connector and interlocking tube. The 33mm tube is capped with a cross shaped bayonet which fits into the cube connector with a simple twist-lock action requiring no tools. The tube comes in two profiles according to the kind of panel to be attached or the type of structure to be created.


The Benefits of DIY wizard  airframe:

1.Quick and easy to work with - rigid and flexible panels are easily attached using a number of different methods, such as magnetic tape, velcro or even screws.

2.Load bearing and very stable –  easily supports plasma screens and heavy display items.

3.Create doors and other features - flat, curved or sliding doors are easily created out of DIY wizard airframe and fitted into the structure.

4.Easy and inexpensive to transport - the system is very compact and will breakdown into a small volume.

5.Immensely versatile - the system can be reconfigured into a vast number of different structures and used over and over again. Ideal for contractors and the rental market.


The complete "exhibition stand in a box" experience - a full range of accessories is available making it easy to assemble complete kits.

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